Is Massey’s a manufacturer or a sourcing company?

We do both.  We own specialized manufacturing facilities for certain products as well as directly engaging a global sourcing network.  Regardless of the manufacturing point of the product, we will optimize the solution, minimize the layers in the supply chain and control our overheads to provide the best value possible.

What does product solutions mean to Massey’s and the Customer?

For over 15 years, Massey’s has provided an increasing range of products to our Customers. With this growth in the range of products and industries we are well positioned to provide a one-stop shop to the market. We see the product solution from three angles, all tailored to meet Customer’s needs:

    • 1.We provide the complete supply chain solution including sourcing, purchasing, transportation, warehouse, inventory management and inventory ownership.


    • 2.We bring departments together. It is surprising how often different departments or locations within an organization separately purchase the same, or slightly different, products. We have real-life experience integrating the overall product set for Customer needs.


  • 3.We provide the right solution. Our job is to save money for our Customers by combining products, recommending changes to specifications, reducing SKU counts, reducing supplier count, and advising on a better value item for the use of that product.
Does the Massey’s product listing show the total offering?

We have a very large core offering of product. In addition, using the power of our direct sourcing network across all product categories, we are fully able to create custom products to ensure that we fulfill all of our Customers’ needs.